Gorgeous white and wood tone scheme

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Designed by Dmitry Kobtsev, an interior visualize, this peaceful and calm open plan apartment decoration has the best balance of clean white tone and earthy wood décor.Chosen from multicolored book spines that help decorate big wooden bookshelves, this wall brings the only sprinkles of tones in this area.The darkness beyond the top of the dining table is selected by a faric-covered sofa at the lounge area, a matching rug space, and three nesting tables nearby.

While a warm rush from walnut wood grains flowing through, the clean snowy white visualization continues into the series of kitchen cabinets, creating heat and texture. The contrasting lines affect the cooking area, making it elegant and elongated, seizing the sight along the area rather than a slight glance on the heavy bulk of storage space. With lengthy nickel bar handles following the scheme, the kitchen set compliments the stripe pattern.Where a central kitchen area appears suitably to the thick near front door, a silver appliance marks the kitchen zone at each end.

Flowing smoothly into the dining chairs which situated around a distinctive black tabletop, a floor made of beech wood continues all over the light dwelling, provides perfect color with the light hue in the kitchen.


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