Glass Sided Winter House

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Inspired by Casa Codina home from A4 Estudio, Black Haus constructed this modern Winter House in a heavenly white snow layered fantasy. The site was specially designed to form a high level of contrast between the warm interior and the freezing exterior. Having cognitive feeling of burning fingertips and tingling noses, we would utter that the flat scored a goal when our visuals end at the rather warm light box of tone in the middle of the cold environment.

The real Casa Codina Dwelling is located at Mendoza city, Argentina. Here, the home owners can take pleasure of a general continental weather. Actually, the house of Latin American was specifically constructed for warmer climate for a green way living. Shaping the center element, the courtyard was decorated for surrounding advantages in indoor areas of the residence which is surrounding the garden boundary. Keeping this visualization in mind, situating this kind of property in a bleak icy scene seems to be a virtuous decision. Try to dream of yourself having the lamps down low, holding a cup of hot chocolate or coffee while glaring at the falling snow outside through the glass wall. A truly feel of heaven!


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