Gentle Rocking Motions on Floating Beds

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As the creator of Floating Bed, John Huff zoomed in on something that would appear and feel as an ideal bed, beneficial to its user, and would make anyone love their bed very much.

Scientifically proven as advantageous to us, the special relaxation treatment of a gentle rocking motion is taken into account. There are several choices to have this treatment in our bedtime, from the water bed and hammock to the four-point hanging bed. But all of these bed creations are judged by Huff as not such a good bed to sleep on for their motion is not correct. Then Huff realized that the key point to the ideal bed he dreamed was the Floating or Omni-pendulum Motion.

Regardless of its attractive look, this bed was not designed to gain compliment on its shape. The design was simply come from its functional side. The height of this floating bed is able to be changed easily to suit particular needs, the flat net below-support has adjustable tightness, and a one-point overhead enables gentle motion.

With numerous option of an outdoor or indoor Floating Bed™, it is more than a place to dream. It becomes a nice spot to chat and hang out with kids or friends, to peacefully relax while reading a good book or even to spend time gazing around at the scenery with a glass of wine at hand.


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