G Seven: A Wooden Contemporary House in Hong Kong Island

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Located in Hong Kong, at the south of North Point, Fixonic is the architect who redesigns this G Seven apartment. The interior of the home is dominated by modern wooden panel. The grain runs steadily between living spaces and the built-in storage bank and desks.

To keep the wood effect not appearing too overwhelming, there are minimalist furniture and plain walls in clean white tone.

The wooden grain exposes storage nooks. It is also craftily extrudes to create surrounding shelving elements and a dresser in the bedroom. The modern bed is decorated in similar way with large headboard and bedsides.

Looking at the kitchen area in similar wooden décor, the muted floor and grey tiles which suit the cupboard overhead resonate flawlessly, held light to remain the spacious ambience exist in the fully-utilized room.

The bath appears elegant in stark, stands out against the warmth of the wooden element by applying marble tile walls and impressive hard coal floor tiles.

Monochrome fittings and fixture, along with handy lamp installation brighten up the living area in style. The clean white boiler tool brings additional cubism attraction on the deep dark bath wall between the wooden panel and the marble pile wall.


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