Futuristic Red Flat Visualization for New Couple

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By this fresh modern living place, Sergey Baskakov shows that striking and great decoration can be brought into small scale. Energetic red tones bring a large amount of stunning effect in these limited rooms. The vibrant accents are prevented from being too strong by being combined with huge cream and white tones, to calm the heat of the bright color.

Hitting you as you enter the flat, the bold color of kitchen cabinet painted in tomato red continue to the next areas of the house in subtle threads, through pieces of artwork above the sofa and dining table. Moreover, the bed is also hit smacked with matching shades, giving additional admiration to an otherwise minimalist setting, allowing the color drama to continue throughout the whole sleeping and living spaces.

In the doorway, the first small spot of red furniture appears in the form of modern shoe and coat storage, reflecting the bright beginning of the kitchen run at the left side. Creating smooth and shiny effect, there is an impressive bathroom which brings a splash of expensive and luxurious feeling to this living space, with swathes of cream and brown marble through the entire wall and floor surfaces.The natural colors show a great admiration of the medicine cabinet and the floating zebrano vanity, evoking a spa-like ambience.


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