Flintstone-like Cave House in Malibu

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The following living space would boast Fred Flintstone shouting “Yabba-dabba-doo!” and inviting Wilma to come and love the $3,500,000 landmark. Perched on rural headland in Malibu, this extremely unique building is a calm and peaceful seclusion, yet it is only minutes away from the underneath beach.

An American actor/producer Dick Clark has brought his Flintstone-like dwelling on the market, a typical mountain living area established on an incredible 22.89 acres of land, presenting marvelous views of Los Angeles, Serrano Valley, Channel Islands, Boney Mountains, and Pacific Ocean. The distinctive house has two bathroom, one bedroom, caveman kitchen with round windows and Stone Age design throughout.

The interior of the Neolithic styled pad is related to the exterior loveliness in means of massive glass situated in naturally irregular-shaped surroundings, organic and frameless in appearance across the tantalizing sight of majestic mountain and sea.

The cavernous dining and living room provides a comfortable seating zone around a wood burning fire place with adjacent home bar, a romantic scene which is improved by the fascinating vaulted ceiling above.


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