Flamboyant Loft Designs: Exposing Modern Open Plan Living Area

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The following gallery-like spot quivers with attractive use of bright tones, opposites the expanses of fresh white walls, floors and ceilings. The artist, Konstantin Andreev, splatters an artful paint palette of beautiful hues over the dining chairs, painting, and textured brick walls, to make an area full of youth and personality.

The fine schemes of this dwelling have been emphasized, while more practical elements take a step backward. For example, notice how the unusual and attractive vases seem to dip from the contemporary piece of art over the console, which mixes with the matching wall behind, or how the collection of large storage cupboards are nearly unseen along one wall in slim line and white gloss chrome handles.

Focusing on detail, the designer has paired the Barcelona seats with the same quilted light shades and the stretch of simple white kitchen cabinets is smashed by remarkable appliance of textured slabs amid usual flat finish frontage.

The deep wooden thread of staircase promoted 3D effect to a sleek white edge, resulting in a graphical zigzag figure which is repeated by the modular storage items that surround the flat screen television. The stairs seem to float under the clear transparent balustrade against a huge sofa with adjustable back rests and sides, which fold out to morph the space usage, just perfect for the friendly open plan concept of the space.


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