Fashion-forward Kitchen Designs

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Cuisines Morel is the designer of the following set of trendy kitchens. The main rule to create such a modern kitchens is to combine graffiti backdrop with rustic wooden dresser that has light bluish section for white cups and plates. The combination of these elements bring sculptural gallery ambience into the kitchen space.

Nickel tools and contemporary chrome put against the pale wooden grain above, and grand industrial lighting elements support the kitchen as a fancy loft living.  The grayish pieces of stones on the wall add a complementary motif to the white filling cabinets

In the tender grey and mint green kitchen, the vintage yellow and white images on the wall invent eclectic outlook, adding interest to the glow of chic hue. There is a faint washbasin that immerse in the worktop. The sink promotes the contemporary stainless steel faucet to be the central attraction. In front of the kitchen island, there is also a huge minimalist window with a view of sophisticated mountains to bring you pleasure while preparing the breakfast.

In the white grey kitchen, there are chic chairs in wooden palette with stylish barstools to provide luxurious look. In the white wood kitchen, the book collections create homely sense to the modern airy ceilings by being cautiously arranged.


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