Fabulous decoration by Svetlana Nezus

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Svetlana Nezus, an architectural visualizer, presents this beautiful concept of home designing. If you are searching for impressive collection of stunning fashion to transform your beloved house into a more adorable one, you have just arrived at the right place.

Having a home library with dual level features may sound like the dream comes true to any bookworm in the world. The lengthy bespoke shelving provides larger space for extensive collection. Complemented by a desk to provide a studying zone upstairs, there is a contemporary L-shaped sofa to enable any curious reader spending time in relaxed way while enjoying the reading session.

Flooded by character, Nezuz’s classical bedroom style attracts special attention to architectural features and chick and heavy ceiling beams. Lighting fixtures and ornate furniture bring additional soft and fragile expression over the weighty backdrop, with pale wall design that allows the elements to show off.

The next contemporary sleeping area present amusingly in bold lines or fresh checkered smooth furnishings across headboards, bedclothes, and attractive occasional seating spaces. Cheerful multicolored piece of art honors light walls, providing sessions of fun and intrigue.

Using sleek chrome jewelries over the elegant dining set of French 19th Century Louis XVI, a dining area is finely decorated by combining modern and traditional style for more eclectic appearance.

Japanese décor pulls black palette, strong angular lines, and bold red to a room setting.

An art wall made of amazing mosaic tile structure in this bath room would seem as excellent at any place in the living area, or the gallery indeed.



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