Duplex Merge Project with Fascinating Ocean Views

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In collaboration with JUMA Architects from Belgium, Minimum Arquitectura comes out with these images of cool interiors with attractive ocean views.  The brief was to convert the two homes by destroying their external staircases and making a new internal staircase. Having these done, it would enable the living space to enjoy the united outdoor area and intensified views with the alfresco dining space and lounge, stepped sun patio, and private swimming pool.

Wooden sun terraces and steel canopies were applied to bring a visual combination of the two original areas. By using the same chairs in each dining spaces and a clear white palette everywhere, the design is successfully merge the indoor and outdoor area.

Carrying an open plan living concept and using neutral scheme, the minimalist interior decoration promotes a holiday home ambience. The bedroom also begins to have a flowing layout quality with the washing area located straightly behind the headboard. This flowing layout makes the beautiful views that can be seen from your bed to be visible too from your shower area. The best part is, to give you more privacy there is a modesty screen to prevent beach dwellers to see you from the outside.


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