Dbox’s Unique and Recognizable Visualizations

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Passionate in art and business, Dbox—an architectural agency in New York, presents a number of brilliant designs within their portfolio. Mostly involved in non-residential sectors, it showcases some arresting images of terrific housing or even stylish pool and spa designs from their professional architects, showing their great appreciation of architectural visions.

Launched in mid 90’s, this creative agency gets its name from ‘dialog box, Arch 372’ which refers to the description about narrative and interactive computer visuals. It is a world of virtual un-built designs and architectures. Nowadays, this agency formulates, guides, sketches, strategizes, composes, shoots, designs program, tracks motion, debates, textures map and animates, whilst continually becomes curious and tries to do their best all the time.

As a global company, Dbox is a good source of inspiration and also a good place to know more about representing architectural intent. Take a look at some Dbox’s impressive designs below.


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