Dare to Describe this Sensational Space?

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In South Africa, there is abundant surprising factor, and it is obviously explode at this Clifton House, designed by SAOTA. Located at the most ritzy street in Cape Town, Nettleton Road, the building gains a great pleasure in an extensive seascape viewpoint to its facade and a chic garden with outdoor living space adjusted into the mountain views behind. Lengthy runs of transparent doors fold back to provide an unlimited living experience.

Main sleeping areas and living rooms are separated by sculptural wood paneling, which are both form and function, a classy neutral decoration flows throughout the property in its entirety, creating seamless space effect which is cohesive in mood and color.

The interior design by OKHA firm makes use of contemporary room accessories and luxurious area rugs to get smaller, more practical areas within the spacious open plan house with a large amount of cushions and throws to bring a comfortable and relaxing sense in spite of the grand proportions.

This sensational, elite property has an infinity pool flowing along the border of a generously sized sun deck where the turquoise water seems to fall down into the sea, over a bridging line of lighting which enable the outdoors can be enjoyed last into the night.


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