Cutting-edge Interior Design by Tarmizo

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Everyone dreams a sweet home with sophisticated interior. However, to realize the visualization, people tend to employ too much details or classy furniture. Having minimalistic, yet pretty concept, the architect of Polish Studio Tamizo knows that the people have their own perspective about the design which can be used to show their prestige. Nevertheless, the simple minimalist flat such this design can still be a great choice. In certain case, designers and non-designers have different opinions. Sometimes, when the designers think that this design is beautiful in minimalist décor, certain people may think that the design is just so-so, unattractive and boring. Therefore, the ability to know the average people’ perspective is a crucial skill for any designer.

This home interior décor can be a fine consideration in choosing the interior design that is not only working it with suitable balance, but also with a focus. The tone mixture of clear white and silver/gray which is shown on the pictures below can be reflected as a calm feeling and inner ambience, whereas the minimalist black detail shows a sophisticated sensation. The color which is used on the floor and table is sufficiently neutral. You can add few house accessories to make the room more alive, such as a plate of green apples and a bamboo plant. Do you wish having a modern ideal refuge? Everyone dream it.


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