Curvy Modern Architecture in Berlin

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These striking contemporary interiors and curvaceous modern architecture is designed by Xoio, a Berlin-based company and a well-qualified supplier for the market in Germany in 3D animations and images. We have collected some pictures from their portfolio.

This remarkable property has a space age appearance among the large windows that continue the curvaceous shape of the walls, creating a narrow image frame edge.

A spacious sun deck stick out frontward similar to a ship bow, encouraging a holiday cruise sensation.

The modern music room overlooks dual aspect curvy windows ahead a rich nature, appearing awe-inspiring.

A multicolored room is decorated with enjoyable things and pops of lively color.

An airy white workspace has a warm and comfortable feeling with a thick shag pile underfoot.

Inspired by the nature, a master bedroom has a leafy fireplace and mossy headboard.

The serene natural constituents are balanced by an attractive block element which environs the head of the bed, forming 2 bedside units with modern chandelier and typographical rug.

An industrial atmosphere is introduced into this fresh living room showcasing a concrete wall that extends double stories to a small extra floor with transparent balustrade.

The shiny kitchen diner in white palette brings a homely feeling and access to secretive sun patio with lovely shelf arrangements and friendly artwork.

An extensive living room has blue-knitted furniture and matching contemporary art. The ceiling-to-floor bookshelves are full of multicolored entries. The rounded rugs are highlighting 2 sitting spaces on the spacious floor area, dividing the room into functional segments. A whole glass wall provide a view of the garden beyond.

A formal dining space uses a Zen-like decoration approach.


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