Cozy Reading Nooks

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Let’s take a view of the way professional visualization specialist from Evermotion forum have executed these reading nooks, or just as the way they should have been called, a specialized reading rooms. Calm neutrals are domineering their areas, designed by Blalank Studio, but hitting bright striped schemes and slate gray give strong impact which are rich with character and ambiance.

Coziness is the main important factor when settling down with recent best seller and a cup of coffee for an hour or two, to allow you finding a cozy armchair, or a comfortable chair in polished recliner style in every render along with the essential standing lamp to resist the eyestrain. There are numerous ideas on the brilliant lighting solution, with industrial cans, arc lamps, and other standard lamps getting on their place.

 There is a highlight on loading the book shelving to the rafters, using librarian ladders to reach the stacks, however, this is strongly not recommended for those who prone dizzy spells or vertigo! A bookcase at lower level is accessible for routine reads and reference. The top of the case serves as a display shelves for small decorative objects. Just put your knick-knacks over there and see how they become additional attraction in your reading nook!


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