Cozy Chat Pits and Shallow Seating Spaces

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Everybody likes to sit and has a nice talk with family and friends, so why not design a space that is specially made for the art of chin wage and good times? Here, we are discussing about elevating your lounge area by lowering it a level! Explore the following sunken sitting areas and conversation pits for they present a friendly atmosphere, providing a small hideaway for relaxation and rest or simply a small talk over a cup of coffee.

A sunken sitting space or conversation pits can be part of your exterior or interior living areas with the den-like zone appearing elegance in a living room or built into a deck.

We especially admire fun designs which are placed in the middle of the pool, though be prepared to get wet by splashes of water from any passing swimmers. These would look handsome at night, glowing with candles whilst surrounded by moonlit water.

Certainly, these spaces need a broader room to get full impact. A tiny pit would look like a sunken bathtub, nevertheless, you could have a similar chit chat atmosphere by designing your furniture surround a central point in the space. Despite arranging all seating toward a television or traditional fire side, put a coffee table and a ceiling mounted or freestanding fireplace at the center of the space so everyone can take place around it.


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