Cozy and Warmth in Yim Lee’s Bedroom Designs

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Looking up on Flickr to provide you another stunning kitchen décors, we were astonished by the following décor from designer Yim Lee. It is playful to examine the way he breathes a life into the room with color and texture. Look how he mixes feathery carpet, marble ground, fine drapes and hardwood with dark wood home accessories. This combination flood the space with natural brightness. Cruel straight lines of the smooth and shiny furniture are made calm by the feature walls in distinctive motifs or through the textures of the timber structure. The warm spectrums domineering the space are awaken by splashes of color in many points. Take a step back and glare at the overall appearance. It looks amazing, isn’t it?

The Yim Lee’s sleeping areas often move around the artistic wall, where the headboard can be found. The interior designer employs dissimilar textured walls in his creation. They become an attractive thing everyone would look at first. A truly eye-catching plan!
In the set of pictures below, you might find two rooms that are out of the line of this post, but we cannot just leave them disregarded out there.


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