Country boys’ treasure trove bedroom

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Dou you feel the contemporary kids bedroom unpleasant because of their zany tone combination? Or perhaps, the harsh stripes of modern kids’ furniture give you unfriendly sight? If yes, you will be glad to browse the following collection of classical playroom decoration and traditional boys’ rooms. Brought to you from Baby & Child Restoration Hardware, these selections are surely leaving you with fuzzy and warm feeling of nostalgia.

Not being the type of decoration we usually find for boys bedroom concept, these schemes do make a fine make-over, connected with subtle bird, travel and sport themes, without being seen as artificial or processed. Instead, these concepts have terrific eclectic feel, as if they have been naturally developed through ages in preference to being assiduously put together.

The tone drama in this collection of interiors is glowing in soft neutral cream and blues, making masculine colors as the main theme of the overall concept.

Shades of brown and tan provide warmth and anchor of the space setting. Meanwhile, sprinkles of red give patriotic sense.

Toy storage basket and wire light shades promotes an industrial corner. The supplement of box consignment numbers provide a re-purpose sight to the space, presenting the quality of treasure trove of mysterious history and attractive found things.


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