Contemporary House in Japanese Style

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By the following compelling example of Japanese building style, an interior designer, Heul-yeong Yong, beautifully combines the dissimilar concept between new and old fashion.

From a high level of modern metal staircase, a bedroom setting appears to be simple and less attractive by the old-fashioned Japanese paper screens close. Supplemented with smooth and shiny kitchen dinner, it exposes a contemporary house that has few walls inside.

The contradicting colors that used dramatically with natural materials and clear lines bond this big house together in an impressive way, where dark brown walls cover the inhabitants before hitting open against a contrasting white pigmentation.

In addition, to another machines and devices and a host, the contemporary bright and smooth surface of the recent style kitchen provides space for the formal art of American design fridge freezer.

Disappearing into the walls in the darker tone by its smooth and shiny black finish, the near dining suite brings conspiracy and dinnertime drama.

Dealing with simple wooden doorway, a towering transparent façade provides a view to a zen-like courtyard in front of the house.

Smoothing the long mark of the contemporary architecture, the attractive thin and delicate trees inspire naturalistic emotion which develops into the pure furniture of the interior.

The outer part of the dwelling presents similar dark-stained material, the same as those that can be seen at the inside of this house. Not bothering the senses, the outdoor style creates the concept steadily from one part to another.

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