Container House Coromandel with Peaceful Ocean View

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Located in Coromandel, New Zealand, this extra ordinary holiday house was built by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects.  The flat was conceived as a large container, lying lightly on the ground for the dream of habitation. The building concept was intended the building tradition of New Zealand, the wood crafting, with the expression of cladding, structure, joinery and lining in a unique and raw way.

Being sustainable, the natural wooden piece runs the lengthy box-like structure, supported by a strong rod to get the whole construction making people remember of the rafter dams which became popular in this province in the last century. To reveal a minimalist interior decoration, the boarded box can be opened up, so the sunlight can freely enter the living room. In this calm and peaceful location, there is an area with cleared bush, supplemented by admirable ocean view to promote a campsite ambience.

The sleeping areas are enclosed and separated to keep them cool when summer comes. But there is also an open bathroom with moveable bathtub to provide the opportunity for the family to get closer to the nature, even while taking a bath. On the opposite part of the house, there is a big fireplace to bring warmth into the room when the time has come for freezing winter.


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