Combining Traditional and Modern Elements in Lively Chinese Interiors

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From Chinese site tmall, this collection of inspiring interior decoration tries to combine classic and contemporary elements, presenting elegant home décor. The design results in colorful settings which are full with character and strength.The black red floral mural adds dramatic backdrop to the living room. Whilst in the following design, there are black pattern on the creamy wall, preventing the pale features blending into one.

Framed out in black color, the floating staircase appears as an element of graphic art in this simple layout. Its see-through concept is introduced by a fine wire frame of backed dining chairs having similar elements, and reflected by a floating cabinet. Wooden and textured wall panels of the chic living room, dining room and kitchen brings further interest to a calm neutral room.

Looking into the bedroom, there is a mirrored bedside shelves and matching mirrored strip at the headboard to create glitter of luxury to a neat bedroom design. To introduce bright accessories like an exotic plant or a fun wall rock, just simply add splashes of color as in the white pink floral bedroom and the white green dining room. You can also hang color panels as an artwork, or try to apply your favorite hues on canvasses rather than on the wall for it is much easier for you to replace it when you change your mind.


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