Classy interior design

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Uglyanitsa Alexander decorated this regal flush of classy interior decoration, impressed us with the traditionally designed furniture and different types of attractive fabrics. By having this, the fashion appears as if they have been brought from formal and splendid country home.
The frilly make-up of this design probably will not be suitable for everyone. People who adore minimalist style would be hitting in the layered pillars and ripping down those gray curtain swags before they put on the kettle. On the other hand, for those who love glamour things of the world, they will feel as if the world is going to be dizzy because of this perfect wealthy show.

Decorated around the edges by middle ceiling rose and artistic coving, the clean reflective floor tiles enthusiastically move the brightness around the excellent, highly styled living space.

Eyeing at the expensive lounge area which has cathedral-sized religious picture painted in great detail, there are quilted pillars, between the gold ceiling structure and a bronze wall, doubling the luxury to the lounge area.

To provide more classical feeling, there is a large chandelier, serving the crowning glory from above. The purposely selected furniture is designed to contain detail upon detail, each of it deserving further admiration than the next.

To promote extreme handy detail, the whole layout is designed in patterned relief, from the twisting fireplace at the living room and the surround window, to the cupboard and wall panels facing at the bedroom


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