Cheerful and Stylish Italian Décor by Pixel3D

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These trendy rooms by Italian architect Michelle Damian are rich of colorful furniture that look pleasantly contrast to the plain white walls. From Pixel 3D, Damian makes a good use of sculpture and artful home accessories. The serene wall, plain white box appears harmonious with the unique and minimalist pieces. Damian installs a variety of beautiful elements, from plastic and wood to metal structure and they appear surprisingly in harmony!

The flowing white and blue seating brings more artful shape to the room with the clean shelves nearby. The floor in blue tiles gives an impression that the whole furniture float on the serene water, creating a truly relaxing zone.

The fishery wall art bring drama to the living room. The adjacent plant provides a touch of fresh nature to the space. The pretty bonsai in the middle of the cabinetry helps balancing the modern design. The artistic seats appear confidently in bold red surfaces.


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