Categorize your cosmetics, jewelry and make-over accessories in your dressing

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Every woman loves to do make over and I can say surely that all the ladies and girls have a wide collection of cosmetics, jewelry and other beauty material. Then also they should organize their beauty stuff categorically to avoid clutter.

Along with a decorative beautiful, neat and clean bedroom also have a look on your dressing area. Small things make clutter and mess. Place your cosmetics and jewelry in an arranged manner. For your jewelry put every set, earrings, bangles in separate boxes and then keep them all in one big jewelry box.

For your make- up products, again apply same rule. Keep your lipsticks, nail paint and make up kits in a stylish beauty case. It will pay a stylish effect and will also look cool. Keep your hair brush, comb and clips in a separate drawer. Keep you dressing mirror clean and decorate it in a stylish way.

Make a routine to organize your dressing at least once in a month to keep it neat and clean. Keep all the things on their right place after using and make it a habit.

dressing area in bedroom


make up case


dressing area




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