Casa Almare The Luster of Mexican

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Casa Almare, designed by Elías Rizo Arquitectos, is a property which is just perfect for anyone adoring wave, salty breath, and frothy spray, and for those thriving on the grip of the sea, this estate suits them best. This property not only allows you to see the panorama of the clear water from any outlook but also gives perfect view point over the deep blue water circulating in the ocean. The beautiful scenery of the ocean evokes sensation that the house hovers at a great distance from the land or floats miles away from the ground.

There is one of the most terrific coasts of Jalisco, in Mexico. This extremely awesome modern architecture is made to embrace a cantilevered viewing structure which seems to be elusively reached over the streaming bay underneath the jetty.

Not far from the thin border over the sea, a lap pool reposes in a way that is likely to fall, sided by only just 3 balustrade made of glasses next to the sun deck.

The outer edge of the building is formed with transparent wall so the scenery of the ocean can course in from many directions. This also makes it possible to see the watery panorama from the naked shower room, without worrying being noticed by neighbors.

The wooden furniture allowing the coast sphere continues into the interior decoration.

Welcoming you with a four-poster bed fairytale, an intoxicating bedroom setting has clean white bedclothes, smoothly and loosely put on.

In the middle of the chic marble floor, a cowhide rug covers the floor area to get more warmth under your foot as you walk.

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