Bright Décor Decision for Small Apartment

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Decorated by Anna Marinenko, the following conceptual apartment is positively zinging with bright interior design in the selection of accessories, furniture, and paint. Whereas, the vivacious palette is cleverly implemented I this tiny space by limiting the hues usage, fleeting bases of grey and black and only combining two colors amidst clear white.

The designer explains that the plan is intended to make bright and colorful interior, but neither over do it with hues nor become very simple by getting small spot of tones in the end of white interior. She hopes she was able to get between them.

The strong yellow and red color scheme starts at the front door then continues throughout the whole apartment, making us remember a pop art painting of a particular thing, such as McDonalds Happy Meal. This interior decoration won’t suits everyone, as said by Marinenko. The living space is created for a short stay, for guests of for spending time alone in there and escape from the routine activities.

The red and white dining room has a modern light fixture. The chandelier above the dining table not exactly behaves in similar way to the paint drips. The light shades are a space devoid of tone in contrast with flashes of modern accessories and furniture. Nevertheless, the spherical theme exists all over the fashion in table ware, light installation, and also in the ‘Japanese Clock’ which is designed by Marinenko herself. The overall scheme promotes a fine contrast against the selection of strong color-matched shelving and angular seating.

The original idea of the clock was born from the blood drops on water and the Japanese flag. Specially designed as a tribute to the Japanese citizens who suffered great loss during the huge earthquake and tsunami on March 11th 2011. Marinenko adds this Japan clock will make us remember the sound of tear and cry of bloods during the disaster.


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