Breezy White-Based Dining Schemes

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This compilation of gorgeous interior causes everything dealing with white based dining spaces comes to different effect. White can be both serene or edgy, softly traditional or sharply modern, and obviously goes well with anything, enabling house accessories to be paired back for a stunning monochrome result or to burst out with a multitude of color mixtures.

A simple color scheme perfectly paired with a black floor. Giving the look more punch, the dark base will firmly support your design scheme. A timber floor also works well in bringing texture and life to the ground space.

Another trick to get texture to our plain palette is by using an exposed brick wall. Therefore, before your room is completely plastered, think of leaving few feature walls remaining natural. The brick tone itself will look nice, nevertheless, you can also gloss or white wash the rough surface to add fascination in your paint plan, just like in the lime green white dining room and the neutral exposed brick dining room below.

If exposed brick walls aren’t your style, you still can choose a number of lines of principally white wallpapers on the store. You can try bold stripes of white with another color, such as a pale grey mist, or the smallest touch of peppermint. The added hues will make the white factor appear clean and bright.


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