Boutique Beach Chic: A Modern Tropical Influence in Thai Beach Villa

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Located in Casas de Sol, Koh Tao, this Thai getaway brings a personalized modern twist to the luxurious beach bungalow, taking up progressive style by Christina Saenz de Santamaria, an Australian Interior designer. The bright concept that can be seen in every part of the villa is named ‘Boutique Beach Chic’, which describes a modest luxury with a contemporary tropical ambience.

All guests at 4 of the 5 bungalows can enjoy a refreshing jumping and swimming in their personal swimming pool, partly covered by an isle-style thatched roof to block the sunlight during the day, but still enable them to enjoy beautiful stars on the sky as nighttime falls. Contributed by the villa owner’s Spanish roots, a Mediterranean fashion string can be clearly seen throughout the holiday house realization, appeared in rich appliance of soften polished concrete and fresh whitewashed walls.The contemporary Finca style of the Balearic Style is merged with an all-important Thai inspiration, in a way of furniture detailing in a generous native wooden finish.

Situated in peaceful idyllic island, Cansas de Sol is featuring 5 bespoke beach villas. Each villa offers open plan living space with 2 bedrooms, and kept cool in hot weather by large terrace doors, generously sized windows, and high ceilings. The villa layouts mix outdoor and indoor areas by continuing the relaxation space with luxury spacious cushion-filled day beds at a private terrace which take you closer to the splendid ocean view.


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