Blending the Nature with Modern Exterior Design

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The following collected works of exterior design promotes a vastly modern architecture surrounded by rich natural touch.

In the box-shaped architecture of these contemporary livings, the straight hand made lines are heavily emphasized in the midst of the natural surrounding with contrastive organic lines. Flowers and foliage tone down the appearance of the overall building, cradling it with a floor of greenery. The foliage and flowers also appear as viewing zone over the futuristic or beauty living area which floats some feet above a unique landscape.

Not specifically in shape, the other building structures express their empathy to the natural environment in the way they consume energy. The wind turbine and solar panel show clear indication of green energy usage to provide electricity whilst keep the damage to the Earth at minimal level.

The next contemporary houses finely explore the natural world in their own perfect arrangement through stepping stones and manicured lawns, clever water features and pebbled patio, enjoying the relaxing scene via floor to ceiling windows for maximum viewing experience.


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