Black and White Home Decorations

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Admiring black and white color? Here, we provide some striking black and white rooms to blast your home.To present fresh and spacious ambience in the space, select stark white palette for it will allow the brightness bouncing around your walls. Thereafter, use dark accessories and furniture to bring in black accent.

To set up more knocking effect, apply black wall panels or dark brown elements. Otherwise, try to use a wall mounted leisure units because it will mix a black flat screen television with the room decoration. Through minimalist color scheme, you can always install eye candy design and bold pattern.

If you keep the furniture light, the floors will appears handsome in rich dark tones and light shiny colors. Just make sure to avoid using abundant dark components together for they will appear quiet oppressive.  Later on, if you desire to cheer your interior with a sprinkle of color, you can work on it easily because almost everything suits this layout. Use several pops of light blue to get cool modern look or apply rich red structure to warm the space.

A dark arc lamp promotes a dazzling character against white furniture and walls.


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