Black and White Design of the Impressive Modern Lofts

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From Kemerovo, this Russian architecture stands out with this stunning monochrome living space design. It is Sergey Baskakov who created this striking blog, 3D Spike, showing off the awesome architectural 3D visualization. The building promotes modern areas cleared of color, instead, the contrastive design impressively create the strict distinction between minimalist black furniture in bold base and clear gallery white background.

In spite of its bold color which makes it seemed heavier, the furniture appears to be light in silhouette. This is possible because of the set of metal wire chairs and slim-line dining table which allow brightness to shine, passing through the back rests and seats in a shutter effect.

Smoothly immerse with the dull walls, the lightning feature of the dining table cascades unobtrusively above the dining room.

The thick white kitchen sets are placed in a single run, next to the dining suite, forming a separating wall to the entrance.

The low, L-shaped sofas are placed around a coffee table which echoes simple outline and refined dimension of the adjacent dining table. Truly create an inviting aura of the space!

The monochromatic story continues in the bedroom, with dramatic floor to ceiling black drapes which cover an internal window to the flat, every time you desire more privacy. These features are repeated at the external window to prevent the living space from the daylight.

The next apartment decoration promotes bold wooden grain into the mixture, bringing natural pattern and a lot of warmth to the house.

Used as a feature wall color in this interior design, the black-based note of the furniture is combined with dark separating walls, making the scheme even more dramatic.

A light blonde hardwood tone has been used to replace the stark white color from the floor. The same tone is even used in the smart kitchen accessories and a spacious dining suite for eight people. Being the favorite theme color, the tone continues to the lounge room in form of scatter cushions.

Reflecting the design of the giant pendant shades which hang on every part of the house, the black extractor fan that has a shape of a tube is also exists at the top of the standard lamps near the large modular sofa.

The last design visualization is introducing creamy white substance. There is a massive extension of slab front shiny storage set that continues from the kitchen to the living room, transforming from kitchen cabinetry to an unlimited household stash and entertainment unit.

Suitable for eating and cooking areas, this blonde flooring appears in marble effect tiles. This peaceful floor design is made calmer by the deep pile rug at the lounge area.

Adding movement and life to the laid back space, a surprising splash of color appears in the form of beautiful painting.


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