Beachside Sentosa House with Vitreous Walls

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             This Sentosa Residence is located next to the ocean, bordered by serene natural surroundings. Designed by Beige Interior, this dwelling becomes an attraction for everyone looking for peaceful and calm living space. The transparent doors adjoin the interior and exterior, allowing the room to link each other in unusual approaches.

            There is beige and whitewashed hue dominating the space, supplemented by travertine stone and oak. Pops of strong blue and greenery fill the transparent cube of the artist. They combine the building structure with the calm nature by soaking and echoing the sky, water and sky within this marvelous seaside area.

            There is a floating staircase made of oak wood, elevating by a single tree in the stone courtyard. The center zone looks like a contemporary gallery artworks with huge sculptures and images. The master bed is divided from the en suite bath via transparent element, providing full viewing opportunity of the natural panorama from the tub or the bed.

            This outside-in property has an open air upshot. The contemporary indoor layout brings a homely feeling through the gentle natural colors and large plush rugs. When it becomes dark, you can enjoy a movie at your home theatre.



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