Backyard Oasis

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Through careful planning, backyard can be shaped into a relaxing oasis. In this article, we have collected marvelous backyard designs which include mini pools, sun patios, contemporary decking, and water features, in addition to the changeover of the tired backyard to looks more like natural countryside.

In the backyard design by Sanders-Shiers, there are solid white slabs functioning as calm stepping stones. This set of modern stepping stones appears attractively among the grasses and lead the serene ambiance of the nature to the house through the stairs and floor in the same tone.

If you have a lengthy narrow backyard, you will be glad to find the backyard design by Decorshome. The manicured garden lawn appears as a well-groomed runway within the evergreens. The adjacent pale dining patio and thin water feature serve as inviting destinations.

Uneven backyard should provide more opportunity rather than problem. Design a quirky multi-leveled patio by going along the topiary, then you will get natural partition of your exterior.

The fire pits by Totally Cool Backyard enable you to enjoy your outdoor space when the night falls, even when the freezing season arrives!

The climbing vegetation is relaxing the high concrete walls. It is a perfect trick to create a larger space impression for your tiny room.

Arthe Architectural surprises us with its curvaceous wall in dark palette. Clearly, our straight-sided backyard seems to be outdated now!

Are you still not impressed by these backyard designs? Think of a taste of Hollywood extravagance via hot tub.

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