Attractive Walls for Gorgeous Bedroom

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Not being a new concept, this collection of beautiful headboard feature walls successfully served as an eye candy for anyone. Without saying a single word, its unique patterns won’t ease you to forget them.

The only way to make your bedroom stands from the rest is by making them artful. The following piece provides you attractive and playful splash to a dull layout.

Creating additional movement and character, this wallpaper with its twisting paint stroke effect presents exciting wave to a mainly neutral tone applied in this scene.

A monochrome background exposes the cherry red accessories in this space. The rich wall pattern consists of many small details arranged in complicated way. With the appliance of paired black palette, the other proportions of the interior are still playing their part in the main theme.

To brighten the mood of this contemporary flat, the floral design casts yellow lights through the domineering black feature wall.

A low-slung headboard can be extended to create the sense of greater proportion of the room.

Placing a famous piece of art in the room sounds to be a great idea, as that used in the above space, ‘The Kiss’, from Gustav Klimt.

To get more stunning effect, the big checked wall panel serves as a headboard extension, forcing the eye to open wider.



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