Artful Sloped Ceiling Areas

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When you design your home, do you view your sloping ceiling as a scourge? Well, rather than battling against it, let’s make them our partner. Based on the following pictures from L4 World, you might be surprised with the quality of this space, forming an exceptional loft living.

Unique architectural elements have been used to compliment and distract the irregular zone. Huge windows track the natural brightness to expose the bare brickwork texture and reflected back from polished wooden floors. Handy standing lighting shapes the shaded part into a clear relaxation area. The moveable tract with lighting unusual shape can be illuminated nicely.

The white palette moves out the walls, merging them with the ceiling. The area rugs try to attract attention from the lower level. To get taller ambience of the room, shelving and seating are maintained at low point, letting huge pieces of art to take fuller attention. The plants create a fresh and natural feeling of the space. Their color becomes a fine contrast to the wall and furniture in white palette.

Within this handsome loft space, you can achieve better inspiration for your life. What do you think of this space management?


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