Aquascapes: Providing Fish a Flavor of Paradise

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On dry land, when you want to gat a striking scene, you do landscaping. But if you want to create such environment underwater, then you do aquascaping. The art of aquascape refers to underwater landscape gardening. Its contents are mainly of stone and driftwood array, underwater vegetation, and cave work. The aquatic garden becomes a house for fishes. This underwater garden follows certain rules and noticeable view like the Japanese Iwagumi with natural arrangements or the Dutch design that features different vegetation arrangement.

This dreamy underwater garden is design by Takashi Amano and his firm, Aqua Design Amano. Takashi pioneered the Japanese natural design in 1980s. During that time an aquarium was shaped by Wabi Sabi model and would duplicate the natural scene. To gain smooth balance between nature and life, this type of aquarium incorporates schools of fish.

The underwater landscapes hit the highest point of perfection and often last for 6 months. After that length of time, the artificial garden will lose its masterpiece vision and have to be redesigned. Within the following pictures, the scenic aquariums are inspired by woody streams, grasslands, seas, and mountain scenes through the structured rocks and driftwood.


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