Angelic Gardens with Pools

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These images from Andos Studios present a zen-like sensation through their modern gardens designs. Two designers constructed these gardens which result in an impressive harmony of plants, water, and landscape, giving the eyewitness a serene and fascinating experience.

Regarding the gardens décor, the studio explains that they intended to create an attractive and multifaceted outdoor space in symphony to the greeneries. The constructed the property without making any sketch before and the architectural element was created around with the plants as the major focus of the construction. The Japanese sense was employed here in form of its detail and arrangement. The vegetation species and materials are also selected and decorated in Japanese architecture.

The pretty wall art in the zen pool garden looks calm and mysterious in white palette. The blue and white stripped shades overhead protect the restful garden from the heat of sunlight. The glass walls enable the soothing view of the exterior to be enjoyed from the inner space.

As usual, Andos Studio keeps surprising us with their inspirational architecture ideas, and these designs are not an exceptional. These well-groomed courtyards and outdoor relaxation spaces assure us that it is worthy to keep look forward for their future awe-inspiring designs.


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