An Avant-garde Living in Loft Mode

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Maxim Zukov, a fledging stylist, has made this extra ordinary image of a fresh atmosphere loft area. This space completely reflects the familiar style of ‘throw in’ that fulfill its purpose in the perfect degree.


Taking advantage of the lofty ceiling distance at the small mezzanine level, there is a compact learning space which can be seen from the bedroom.

By separating the working area from the bedroom space, a more peaceful sleep spot can be created when the busy hours end.


Existing along the kitchen and the living spaces, a contrasting industrial concept appears beautifully with the insecure wire and pipe system over the massive extractor fan which looms beyond the contemporary kitchen set and the casual yellow and black sign lines which are usually found on building area.


Balancing the angular junctions of useful yet decorative setting and chilly brick walls, this furniture in this area becomes smooth in a certain degree.


Being full of light because of the special mark of the sanitary set, the more theatrical view covers the bathroom completely with the dark tiling on the floor and walls.


A very tailored and crisp scene is resulted from the contrasting stark.


The supplementary of a shelf clad furniture in the same big tile gets all things seem to be clean and even, as if the fixed object have organically appeared from the wall.


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