Amsterdam Café Starbucks: Combining Local and Recycled Materials

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Conducted by a concept design director from Dutch, Liz Muller, Amsterdam sees the first light of a Starbucks brand renewed design which will span over Europe. This large business of coffee has recently opened up more than a few individualized concept café in many cities all over the world, like the one constructed from shipping container just out of Seattle.

Located in the former fault of Rembrantplein, a historic bank, the ordinary store concept will be a zone of sustainable interior made of a combination between local and recycled materials. The tables, benches and the artistic ceiling feature made up of 1,876 parts of individually sawn block made of re-purposed Dutch oak. The walls are lined with bicycle inner tubes, antique Delft tiles, and wooden gingerbread molds.
Not less than 35 craftsmen and artists were ordered to bring inspirational and creative feel to the 4,500 sq foot of multilevel area, known as “The Bank”. The design shows a degree of respect to the history of the original architecture. It is clear in the way it retains some of original features of the building, including the banks of 1920 marble floor and uncovered element from the vault itself. The completed design of the café is nearly theatrical, with the baristas at the visible points from any angle of the multi-tiered area, and doubling-up as stages for traditional cultural affair such as performances by local bands and poetry readings.


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