A Swedish House in True Entertainment Passion

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Your home decoration reflects your way of thinking and personality. Some people would prefer natural or classical concept. Others prefer something modern and different. Here, we have an interior design of an entertainment freak. This multi media house shows how serious the designer is!

Not being simple, this interior requires complex sketch up plan and cost. Discovered at Min Hembio home technology forum on Z3m-Johan’s page, this Swedish flat develop any potency the space might has.

The huge drawer below the bed provides additional media storage. Thanks to the storage room and stunning design integration! The space does not seem too cramped with these abundant tech stuffs and media storages. The walls and seats in grey look masculine and contrast to the home movie collection.

The list of the tech savvy comprise of : Primare CD31, NAD 32A2, Audiovector AV3Ci Avantgarde, Primare SPA22, Euroscreen Frame Vision Light VLS190-W 16:9 86 “(190×107), Philips Prestigo SRT9320, Audiovector S3 Avantgarde, and Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K800 (S).



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