A Stockholm Attic Apartment: Presenting Quirky Architecture

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Located in Stockholm, this clear white apartment is full of attractive architectural quirks. The first shoot is the steep slopes of the attic walls that rise to the high ceiling. The steep slopes are cut away to allow the sunlight pours through the large windows into the shiny house.

If you look at this living space a little bit closer, you will notice wall remnants which exist as low lever separators in the space. The wall remnants appear as small staircases that mysteriously disappear off into the ceiling or the wall. The extra ordinary brickwork adds interest and charm to the spacious area, and the householder has been cautious not to overdo the original elements with a complex decoration.

If you look at the white living room daybed chaise, you will notice that the eyes are flooded with multicolored sprinkling of rugs and cushions whilst the sloping ceilings are lifted in white. If you look at the white and red Fornasetti faces wallpaper by Teme e Variazoni from Cole & Son, you will agree that the tallest wall on the central part of the dwelling have been added something decorative. Decorating the tallest wall in the attic area, the faces draw the room proportion upwards, against the sensation that the space closes in.

Extending the ambiance of an airy and light social space, the reminder of the layout is kept fresh and natural.


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