A Sparkling Pearl of Scandinavia

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To some people, fresh walls in white Scandinavian palette look plain and unattractive. However, to some creative minds the white walls serve as a huge blank canvas on which they can freely colorize, adding their character or even more.  If you have books collections, knick-knacks, kitchen ware, lovely crafts, and food in nice packages, try to utilize them to make attractive pops of color inside your dwelling.

            Balance the white contemporary furniture with patterned items. The greenery provides lively feeling to the interior. As you can notice in the design below, the plant is carefully selected to suit the seat tone in the kitchen area.

            You may have observed the splashes of cool blue accessories that can be found throughout the house. Utilize pillows, tea trays, tiles, and clothes in equivalent color range to get a modest style. The tone blast will look brilliant against the pale background, promoting luminous and cozy ambiance. Use shelves in muted color to compliment your personal belongings. Clearly, this house is not for those messy persons!

            If you own a house in similar plain scheme, how would you cheer it? Why not share with the community how far you can do?




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