A Seaside Cave Residence with Mediterranean Outlook

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Having terrific outlook of the Mediterranean Sea, this residence is located at a marginal village in Tramunanta, Majorca, and becomes the abode of Alexandre de Betak, A French home accessories and fashion stylist. Getting the idea from the cave building, Alexandre told that he was thinking of the building for ten years. It took 5 years to find the perfect spot, 2 years to prepare the land, and 2 years to do the construction.
The cave house interior has natural setting. The shelves look as if they are pushed from the raw stone to provide space for family’s belongings. There are rustic home accessories, doors, and wooden beams to melt the surround rock of this green construction. In the hallway, the ceilings are shaped in random forms of abat-jours.
Betak decorated this exceptional dwelling in the 1970s organic architectural concept. He paid no heed on sharp edged and 90o angles. The fresh cave walls will no longer be seen if you arrive at the outdoor area. They are replaced by sun deck and pool. The natural pool seems to be more suitable for certain occasion after you have explored the curvaceous shape or the interior. Nevertheless, the admirable hills scenery beyond may put off your head from that. Being busy on his career as a famous events producer for popular clients like Jennifer Lopez, Tiffany, and Dior, this living area becomes the sole zone for Betak to relax for one month.
With such an amazing place to breath, we are curious whether Betak can haul himself from the designing activity. Can you?


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