A Nice Mexican Des Res with 1970s Colonial Style

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Decorated by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos, the PPDG Penthouse is located of the 15th floor of a Mexican buildings with 1970s colonial style. This historic building is designed with clear white background and vibrant pops of red gloss finishes. Constructed in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with slabs and columns, the old building supplied the best foundation for the wall’s elimination in order to generate an overall expanse of the flat flooded with light from the new generous frameless windows.

Remaining the original architecture, the project aimed at creating a modern living space. The instruction of redesigning the building met a problem that was difficult to deal with, that is not to spoil the beauty of the old building while developing it with modern touch. The final solution was to keep the ceiling, and add a bright white canopy which would get along with the existing elements.

There is a large picture of Jorge Méndez Blake painted on the wall of the room to add characteristic to the plain living space. The texture of the mural has been favored over drawing in this home. The various changes in the composition of the surface plays with light to create dramatic effect.

Installed in the middle of the main bedroom, the move able displays is a genius feature that can divide the sleeping area into two sections when required.

The kitchen area is not completely screened from the lounge space beyond the stretch of the shiny red furniture whilst a series of white cabinets divides the elevator and the hallway stairs. A second elevator was planned for the completed project, but instead, a cloakroom wad made with transparent floor that views down directly to the 15- story drop.


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