A Madrid Miraculous Mansion

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Take a deep breath before you continue scrolling down this post. Here, we have a breathtaking property from A-Cero architect. We ourselves surprised to find such an electrifying building.

Located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, a suburb near Madrid, this incredible property looks as if it is made of magical substances. This mansion highlights three major principles: utility, rigidity, and beauty. Based on these principles, the amazing building has successfully creates a masterpiece of water, sculpture, and earth.

This living space features outdoor and indoor polls, cellar, home library, gym, as well as music room. Surrounded by serene greenery, this spacious house appears calmly in its natural creamy white tone and if you look a little bit closer, you will find out that the walls have pretty timber patterns.

The sharp edges of this building promote its modern living concept, though the reddish patterned carpets inside give classical Arabian touches to the dwelling. Some parts of this house have glass walls to flow in the beautiful outdoor views.


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