A house in peaceful style

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Located in Queenstone, New Zealand, this fancy living space has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Designed in extreme detail, house becomes fabulous in its decoration.  New Zealand Sotheby describes this 7,525 square feet living as a house having special features that cannot be found in any other dwelling. Its special features include amazing swimming pool complete with swimming jet system and diving platform, kitchen and dining space that has great open concept design, supplemented by a butler’s pantry next to it, and a theatre space that is design very modern and using the most recent ideas and method.

At place where the surrounding nature brings private and personal feeling, there is zone elevated over the prime area of Lake Hayes.Whilst walking in calm and relax manner outside, you can enjoy the spacious Buddhism meditation area and pond near the attractive greenish lawn. To make it more dramatic you can spend your time seeing terrific scenery and waterfall of Wakatipu Basin nearby.

Specially designed to grasp rolling hillside and heartening views of the spectacular landholding, the internal living space, beyond the eye-catching entrance-way, has clear generous windows.Standing in front of the storage units, a double island feature appears at the kitchen space. The sprawling bank has enough space for the untidy kitchen apparatus and the paraphernalia of the whole living space.



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