A chest drawer is also known as a dresser

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A chest of drawers is also known as a dresser or a bureau, it is a most important part of bedroom furniture having many horizontal and parallel drawers stacked one above another. It is made by traditionally and use for storing different type of cloths separately like innerwears, handkerchief, socks and other items.  People placed these drawers normally in their bedrooms but they can put it anywhere in their house and store anything’s which you want.

Almost chest is rectangular in shape having short legs at it bottom corners for placing it on the floor, mostly it comes in many varieties just like in5 to 8 drawers which are made by wood or any other material, its internal drawers can easily pull out at the front side. They can be plain look or can be a fancy or ornamental looks by using external color tone.

Often chests of drawers found into two types either about bench-high or waist-high or about shoulder-high, both are have a flat surface on top. A mirror is often placed vertically on the top of the waist-high chests, and some are placed a lamps on top, it is useful for the user when he or she putting the dress.

chest of drawers chest of drawers chest of drawers



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