100 colorful paper bird arts you never imagine!

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Look at those beautiful birds! (Do it carefully or they may trick your eyes!)

This flock of imaginary avian creature is presented by Diana Beltran Herrera, an illustrator and talented artist. From Bogota, Columbia, these feathered artworks are made of colorful paper which is put together piece by piece precisely before resulted in the following beautiful sculptures.

‘Mathematics for Reality’ is the name of this pretty biodegradable collection, as given by its maker. Layering and cutting to perfection, Herrera seems to fall in love while creating her lovely winged artworks in complicated detail.

How can she duplicate the birds in such extreme manner? Well, Herrera studies the living creature in the complete flourish and glory. She writes that after working a little bit with colibries, she begun to look more carefully around the environment, trying to get a sight of distinctive characteristic of certain birds she found more relevant, in a means came out of a number of species. She adds that she will load the information concerning variations she found she thinks important. She also tells that she feels so good in knowing which characteristics of the birds that is allowed to interact in certain condition, such as behavior, food, relations, and habitat.

Not being abundance of sculpture, Diana B. Herrera has produced hundreds of new feathered paper friends, from caterpillar hunters, nest-making couples, to Goldfinches in happy flight and flying flamingo.

Still unsatisfied of all these awesome paper arts, Harrera is creating more new paper-craft fish, birds, plants and animals almost everyday! She makes her gallery develops quiet fast, as if it is in the nature by itself.




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